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Greetings to all wandering minds that may come into sensory of this data being displayed onto this screen. The soul porpuse of this site is pick into the very bones of human sensory, paain and darkess that dwells in every human being. As another human itself with an interest in human nature, ived come to accept the darkness in human nature to the point where it no longer scares me, it only intrigues me. The most mundane of human activities from the release and reception of neurochemicals during sex to the stimulus of blue light caused by the screen that you as the recieving and interpretating or codifying, seems to have captured my attention . I would like to find people with similar interests and perceptions in life, whod be willing to brak the barriers of reality mentally , and whod accept the chalenge of dwelling deeper in my writings. If you are afraid of human nature, LEAVE NOW . If you believe yourself to be a person who isnt interested in the discussion of topics regarding human nature PERHAPS THIS SITE ISNT FOR YOU. However if you are a person who is curious to understand human nature I welcome you to join me. Memberships are exclusive, and limited to those who are able to break a code as a test. Anybody who breaks this code holds the reponsiility to reveal its secrets and members will be handpicked

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